Monday, March 3, 2008

Hi! And an introduction!

I'd like to thank Donna for inviting me to join this blog. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Deborah O'Sullivan and I am (suprise!) an equine artist. I have been involved in the horse industry as a catch rider and then trainer. I evolved from showing jumpers on the A circuit to switching to Dressage and specializing in equine and rider biomechanics. I am a die hard Thoroughbred person. I have bought many horses from the killers and retrained them to new careers. One of my own went on to become a highly successful amateur /owner jumper. My most recent TB (and heart horse) was a wonderful third level Dressage horse and had to be retired because of health issues. I am a self taught artist and was strongly influenced by Sam Savitt in my youth. Most recently I am very influenced by Elin Pendleton who I am delighted to find on this blog! I am a stickler for correct anatomy, biomechanics and equipment in equine artwork yet I ahve deviated from my previous hyper-realistic style to favoring lots of color and the use of brushstrokes to capture the emotion of the moment. I work in watercolors and acrylics. You can visit me website at Art of the Horse
I ,also, maintain a blog at Art of the Horse Blog
I welcome comments and any artist that would like to do a link exchange, feel free to contact me with your info! I am delighted to be among such a wonderful group of artists!
Here are some recently completed paintings and they are available for sale on my blog.
This one is titled Baroque 3.
More info available here.. Baroque 3

This next painting is a watercolor and was completed last year. It is part of my training scale series and is titled Connection. Original and prints available for sale here....

And for good measure here is a photo of me and my TB G (aka Giovanni) an ex racehorse purchased from the killers for 35 cents a pound and a case of Hamm's beer to seal the deal.......

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  1. Hi Deborah,
    What a beautiful horse you bought for .35 a pound! My mare came from the track also. Glad you got here and posted without difficulties! Donna