Friday, July 11, 2008

Draft Horse Slates

While getting ready for an upcoming show I put together some draft horse barn siding slates like the ones above. I added some bronze so the horses have just a hint of metalic sheen to them which I think goes well with the texture of the slate-- giving an overall feeling of power, strength and beauty-- just like the draft horses themselves. To see more of my work or to inquire about purchasing equine art or prints go to or stop by my blog at


  1. I love the natural color and texture of the slates, and the poses of the draft horses is great. Only wish the photo showed them larger for a better view of them.

    Almost gives me the feeling of a cave painting - like the ones in France.

    Nice horse painting in the background too.

  2. Thank you Joni. I enjoyed painting on the slate also because of the texture and natural variations in color of the slate.