Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Man on a Mission" 5 x 7 Oil on Raphael Linen

Man on a Mission 5 x 7 Oil on Raphael Linen Panel, by Linda Shantz

I just dropped this little original oil painting off to be framed. Fellow Equine Art Guild member, Kat Moore, has shared a number of photos of her Shire horses, including the one that inspired this painting. This is Shine, and it looks to me like he's trudging through that snow with purpose, hence my chosen title!

Typically I paint Thoroughbreds, because I'm surrounded by them every day, but the Shire has always been my favourite draft breed. I really enjoyed doing this little piece. It's on my current favourite surface, Raphael linen panel. I am making it available as either a collector reproduction at $30.00, or a giclée reproduction on either canvas or fine art paper ($60.00 canvas, stretched; $45.00 fine art paper). The original is also available. Any inquiries can be directed to me at

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  1. Wonderful shire horse painting and I love the creative title too. Large horse to put in a tiny painting. I like these little gems.