Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fly Season

I have a whole series of shots I took last summer (a little later than this) that I ended up calling "Fly Season". Not a pretty title, but anyone with horses will understand. I almost lost the sale of a print of this one last fall at the Spruce Meadows show, when the purchaser found out that the working title was "Fly Season-Lift". She was a ballet dancer and in her world this was a Retiree (there is supposed to be an accent on one of those "e"s but I don't know how to do that) ballet move, and she wasn't sure she liked the concept of fly season. I suppose horse flies, nose flies, bot flies, and all the rest aren't that much of a problem in the ballet studio.

Just about time for me to start working on that series again. I have another summer series called "Dust" which, again, horse people will totally understand.

This shot features my own gelding and star model, Alpac. I am very fond of the golden light of the evening, backlighting, and close crops, and this photo combines all three. Prints of this or any of my art photos can be purchased by contacting me You can see more of my work on my blog and the elusive new website is in process of being created. I seem to be the main delay at the moment, as I need to do my "homework" for the person assembling it, and as always in the summer (and year round for that matter) finding the time is a challenge.

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