Monday, February 23, 2009

Starlight by moonlight

I've got a bit more time to play with than I usually do these days since my saddle is off being refitted and I'm not riding. I still go to the boarding stable most days to visit my horse and check on him, but it certainly doesn't take up my whole afternoon the way it does when I ride. 
This being the case, I've been doing some Photoshop work with my bank of images. I'm currently working on a "mystical" theme and this is the first one of a set of variations I've done featuring this white horse. His name is Starlight, so the title "Starlight by Moonlight" seems like the right one. I've done a couple of other versions of this, both a little stranger, with my "ghost child" and crows and a black cat. You can check them out on my home website
if you'd like to see them. I'm just getting going on this series and other related ones, so stay tuned and see what develops. 
Starlight (barn name Sparky) is a favorite model of mine, and you can see war pony versions of him on my website in the "War Ponies" gallery. He makes a great "ghost" horse. 

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