Friday, February 6, 2009

Wrinkles-Hackney stallion

This is one I worked up this morning from a shot I took last fall. I take a ton of horse photos, then they often languish unlooked at in the computer until I stumble upon them and see that there are some possibilities I can explore.

 As always, I did some Photoshop work on this one, and as always I really have no idea how I came up with the end result or what exactly I did. I work with my photos in quite an intuitive "trial and error" way. Makes it hard to duplicate effects, but keeps my eye fresh as I have to approach each new visual with an open mind and no formulas or preconceptions. 

One of the reasons I was working on this one is that I finally have my photo art website up and I am busily adding images to the various galleries. I have a good number of images on the site already, with many more yet to be added. There will be new categories added as I get time to sort it all out. Check it out at  . You can also check my blog if you are so inclined for more photos and stories. 

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