Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Filly Coming Five

Yesterday I painted the barn doors...and I also finished up this 12 x 8" watercolor of the filly. She has been the subject of my work a lot in her four short years. I was with her when she was born...and she is my helpmate when I am down doing barn chores. Maggie is always willing and curious to have her picture taken. A willing subject...but sometimes a little too willing and up close for long shots! But I LOVE HER EYE..... and so will be painting it often...and willingly!My barn now sports a bright yellow does Les' work shed. I have started the back barn door and prepped the potting shed door...all to be painted yellow. When I finished up the front barn door and was watching Maggie watching me painting the door.....I saw the lovely red in her bay coat against the yellow door...........yup! This will be a new painting I am sure!

Today dawns a bit cloudy. But I need to get the barn doors done before the weather changes...I know it will turn cold and wintry soon. So the watercolor I am working on now of a Cardigan Corgi herding cattle will have to wait a bit.

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