Saturday, November 15, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

Offered today is a fun holiday themed painting. This is the ORIGINAL image for this year's holiday greeting cards. A lot of fun and bit of a departure from my usual style. Today's little gem is titled Santa's Little Helper. Okay, I know we have all done this! Slapped that Santa hat on our horses..much to their embarrasment and our amusement! This is acrylic on canvas panel and measures 7 x 5 inches. This one would make a super stocking stuffer!
Offers start at $10.00 plus $4.65 for Priority Mail shipping in the U.S. Now for the fun part! The paintings will go to the highest bid offered by email.If you are interested in purchasing a painting simply send me an email with the word "Offer" in the subject line and your offered amount and title of painting in the email body. You are free to raise your bid at any time. The painting can be paid for with Paypal. Deadline for Santa's Little Helper is Wednesday evening. Good luck!!! Send offers to


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