Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Icelandic- Head Study

I have been captivated by Icelandic horses since a friend introduced me to them..she raises them. I actually first saw them at Equine Affaire years ago.....the awesome drill team and their thrilling exhibition of the Icelandics gaits! Mind you, I ride Tenn. Walkers........a very comfortable ride..but the Icelandics have it over them in spades as far as thrill!!! This handsome "guy" was at Equine Affaire....I loved his mane and eye. I captured him in a 11 x 8 1/2" watercolor and am putting it up on my website.


  1. Very nice painting! You're good!

    I wish the riders would not hold the horses behind the vertical, tho. It makes the Icelandics look so unnatural, in opposition to their long natural history.

    A friend just painted a picture of my Icelandic Horse gelding who passed away two years ago. I haven't seen it yet and am looking forward to it.

    I still have my pinto mare and my palomino mare (she's no longer a filly!) who will be five years old in May. She will be started soon; as soon as she's just a little more mature physically.


  2. Beautiful painting. Except that the horse is in torment. No horse should be ridden behind the vertical in that manner. The Icelandic horse suffers from poor riding habits that simply must stop. I love these horses too, and they deserve better treatment. Please see my blog.http://icelandichorsemanshit.blogspot.com/