Sunday, March 15, 2009

Approaching the herd

I have a new horse photography client in my geographic area, and have been out to her place a couple of times since we first met in the late fall/early winter. I love her set-up and her herd, plus she is in a very nice prairie setting. The only thing lacking so far in our association has been decent weather, and that's something that I hope time will correct as our very long and harsh winter finally shows signs of a slow departure.

This shot is a merged one where I took one photo of Mable leading her boy Michael, and merged it with a different shot of the mare herd. I also altered the colors and added a mild wood texture. I'm quite happy with the end result. I've got lots of shots of Mable's horses in my portfolio already, and I hope for many more to come in the future. You can check her website to learn more about her operation, and my website (under the Western gallery) to see more photos from her place.