Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Horse Portrait in Oils

I recently finished this painting of 'Iggy', a bright, coppery chestnut owned and loved by Sarah living in Kentucky. He's a big boy but I particularly enjoyed painting his soft, white and pink muzzle. I imagined his soft breath on my hand, reminding me of some of my favorite moments with my horses- their soft muzzle, warm breath, welcoming nickers, the sounds of them munching their hay. I got to reexperience those sights and sounds thru a child's eye yesterday with a friend's son who was celebrating his 9th birthday. I got a chance to 'make his day' by taking him around on my dear sweet kid's horse as he gibber gabbered all that he knew about horses.

As an equine and animal artist I get to combine all the things I love- animals, the tender part of people that comes out around babies and animals and art.

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Thank you and Happy Trails!

Sue Steiner

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