Thursday, March 26, 2009

Palomino Portrait by Kimberly Kelly Santini

"High Noon Toogie," 12" square, commissioned equine portrait depicting a palomino, from the Painting a Dog a Day project, acrylic on board. I believe Toogie's portrait is sold, but haven't yet gotten confirmation from my client. 
If you are interested in "High Noon Toogie" please shoot me a note. Proceeds from this painting will benefit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kenab Utah. And just a warning - get yourself a snack before pulling up the Best Friends site - you'll get lost in all the stories & great information.
Notice the new header for today's email? I've decided to periodically share the inventory numbers for the Dog-a-Day paintings. Toogie's is painting #67 for 2009 and #641 from the Painting a Dog a Day project. Hard to believe I'm closing in on painting #700 - sounds like the making for a party....
This piece was a challenge in values - I didn't want the darks too heavy or devoid of color, and I didn't want my lights washed out and flat. I do not use black in my palette - I mix my darks with a three way combo of the primarys, which gives me a richly colored variety of shadows.
When tinting, I use a lot of cadmiums and light magenta along with titanium white. And it's important to me that there is never a swath of pure titanium white anywhere in my pieces - after all, when is anything pure white in real life? it's always got a hint of another pale color in there.
Thanks, as always, for sharing my paintings with your friends and family.
See you tomorrow!
Kim Santini

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  1. very cool painting, I like the way the shadow follows through with the composition.