Monday, May 31, 2010


Since I've been stuck indoors due to the weather lately, I've been working on a few Photoshop projects. I started out to do some images that a horse vet friend wants for sympathy cards to give to clients who have lost their horses, but somehow I wandered off course and ended up with this image. I have a great fondness for combining images, and once I wondered how my galloping mare would look laid over an antique map of the world, of course I had to give it a try. I'm quite happy with the results, although this one won't be one of the ones I will be printing up for my friend. This one, like all my others, is available as an art photo print in various size options.

Judy Wood

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Blazin' Fast!" original 16x20 oil by Kerry Nelson

This racing scene will add a blaze of color to your decor! 

Original oil painting on 2.5" deep gallery stretched canvas with black painted sides.  $599.95
Purchase Here!

Friday, May 28, 2010

'First Things First'

Here's a new painting (8"x10" oil on canvas panel) from a photo I took while I was at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington last year.  I did a mini version of this photo as well as a larger version, learning new things about the painting process in every new version.

'Golden Moment' by Valarie Wolf

This little painting  is 5"x7" oil on panel. It's the first backlit piece that I've done.  It's funny----the horse is white, but I don't believe that there is any actual white paint on this panel.  I like the rich colors overall.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outback Spirit by Catherin McMillan

Outback Spirit

thought I would try something a little different from the usual pen and wash paintings that I create from time to time. Deciding to see what would happen if I added a multi coloured wash behind the images... very happy with the result and will definately be creating a few more of these.

If you have any images that you think would make a great pen and wash in a similar fashion please feel free to email your images to me ... there is no obligation to purchase the finished painting.
Outback Spirit - 10" x14" pen and wash Price on application

Catherin McMillan
Commissions welcome
Original Artwork for sale
Pay Pal available

Buy A Painting, Save A Horse!

A few months ago I took in my first 'kill pen' rescue horse who was one step away from going to slaughter.  About a two months ago I took in another, Darcy, a beautiful 5 yr. old registered Quarter Horse.  I am awaiting the arrival of Johnny Walker, my 3rd kill pen rescue.  I was helped in providing a home for these horses thru facebook friends'donations and the people at Another Chance 4 Horses at  This began the seed of an idea for me to begin the Save A Face Project.   Obviously, there is a limit as to how many horses I can take in.  The rescues are full to bursting and more horses each week go to slaughter that could potentially be saved if we get the word out as to how to rescue and where to go. 

My idea is to first sell an original oil painting on e-bay thru the Giving Works Program.  A portion of the proceeds will go to a designated rescue.  E-bay handles dividing the money which is wonderful as far as I am concerned.  I don't have to get involved in redirecting money.  As a buyer you can know where your money is going. 

The second phase consists of selling limited edition playing card sized collectible prints called ACEO's also on e-bay.  They usually sell for for $5.00-8.00  and have the rescue information printed on the back to encourage people to become involved in helping the rescues.  Or they can just collect ACEO's, show them off and pass them around, knowing that in itself is a great help! 

I am calling the project Save A Face because as an animal portrait artist I know the power of faces.  Put a face to a cause and now its real and people can connect.  The faces will be of actual animals that are either happy examples of taking in rescues or the faces of so many in need. 

You can help support this project by sharing the links, bidding and starting your own Save a Face collection.  This is for those of us who want to save them all!

Please take the time to read the description of the art at the link above.  It tells a alittle about the inspiration behind this piece.  ACEO's will be offered for sale once the original sells.  I will sell limited edition AECO's and then have a new piece.  My hope is that people will see the collectible value in the limited edition prints as well as the original paintings which will drive the value up.  I'm please with the interest I am getting but need your help to get it off the ground.  Bid, share and stop back to see more!  I also would love rescue links and stories for future pieces.  I am not affiliated with any one rescue.

Thank you!
Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

War horse

Here's an image that started with one of my photos of Random, a Friesian stallion. I layered him in with a variety of other images (Dover copyright-permission historic ones) and went to town in Photoshop. This image is for sale, and being photo-based can be printed in various sizes.

Judy Wood

Friday, May 7, 2010

Elin Pendleton's Color Boot Camp in Florida, Morning Light Second Pass

I've spent a good amount of time working on this painting to get it to this point (far from finished at this point). Still here in Florida, and today was the last day of the wonderful first-timers Color Boot Camp. Details of the journey as viewed by one of the attendees Maggie can be seen here. (Thanks, galfriend!)

I've been putting details in the grasses of the pastures and talking up composition to the Boot Campers. I will miss their pleasure at learning the beginning steps with the Color System, and hope to see them again in Florida next year as "Repeat Offenders". Tomorrow morning I drive up north to Georgia and return to the Farm for the second week-long Color Boot Camp for newbies. I'm not tired at all!

Lynn Wade came by the Art Walk event in the downtown area, including a visit to Voilart Gallery, and I had a friend take this image of Lynn, Shraron Crute and myself with Sparky. Both Lynn and Sharon are great equine artists and I do hope you made some time to see Lynn's paintings: and Sharon's web site.
Sharon is the co-owner of the gallery with Jackie, who put up with me. Kathie Camara organized the event and for all that, I'm eternally grateful! Thanks so much for a wonderful time!

My hair's gone all curly because of the humidity. I was born with curly hair, yet it went straight when I moved to California years ago. LOVE having it back! Can you say, "POOF?"

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gypsy Vanners, Florida and Elin Pendleton

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have had such a wonderful time today watching and teaching the Color Boot Camp students who were painting all day. I've worked on this 12 x 16 morning light landscape in oils and this is the first pass. I started it up in Georgia, and have brought it to a more finished state, which I'll share with you tomorrow.

You can follow one of the attendee's blogs on the workshop here, which will give you one participant's perspective of what goes on--far more than I can share with you in these short notes. I hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow I'm going kayaking on the Silver River--where the water is so clear that the kayaks seem to float on air. I'm looking forward to it!

Today, though, after class, I drove down to Gypsy Gold and visited my artist friend Lynn Wade, and took this image of Latcho Drom, the top stallion in the country. Even in the rain, he was magnificent! (By the way, Lynn kindly gave me a print from one of her lovely pastels of this horse, a portion of which is the opening image on her web site!)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Elin Pendleton's Color Boot Camp in Florida, Morning Light

First day of the Florida Color Boot Camp here in Ocala, and what a great group of artists and students! A wonderful facility and I'm staying with one of the organizers. This evening we spent it with wine glasses in their pool!

This 12 x 12 acrylic has had the final "punch" put in the color to fine tune the relationships in morning light, to bring the viewer into the image, and to tell the story.

My story for this painting is in the people who do the hard work of keeping these equine athletes ready and healthy for performing. The title of this one is "It's not about the horse". I hope you like it.

Here's an image of the facility at VoiART in downtown Ocala. Yes, we have chocolate!!

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