Thursday, July 23, 2015

Something different, mixed media horse art.


"The Sky is Falling-The Sky is Falling!"

After many years of looking at my reference photo library to create  horse paintings, I decided to turn myself free and paint what comes directly from my heart. No need to look for the perfect photo of the perfect horse in the perfect pose. Just take out brushes and paint, create a back ground and put a horse on it!
I love doing these.  I had no idea how fun it could be to sit down and let your muse take over. The horses each seem to be a "character" of some sort.
I don't plan ahead, I don't think what colors should I use, I don't think how is this horse going to look, until the exact moment I'm placing paint on paper.  Each piece is it's own unique being you won't find anywhere else.
They're composed of many layers of paint and the surface is complex and rich.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing them.
Thank you for stopping by.
Donna Ridgway

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