Thursday, August 25, 2016

Little Night Mare, equine art postage stamp.

Little Night Mare

She's not a big scary nightmare, she's just a little one. She might be more like a dream .... If you dream of horses, you might dream of one like this. She's just fun to see.

This original painting was created using a faux encaustic technique with many layers of collage, mediums, paper and paint. When you look at the painting you see down through the layers. She is also covered with texture. The surface of this painting is amazing to feel!

The original painting is for sale and will be posted in my Etsy shop. I'll post a link to her, once she is there.The painting itself, is 7X10", float mounted into a 14X16 " frame.

She's on a postage stamp at Zazzle to be purchased to add a special quality to notes you might send to your friends. If you'd like something special and unique, she's for you.

I hope you enjoy her.
Donna Ridgway

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