Sunday, April 26, 2009

Belgians in the Field and other Daily Paintings

Original Oil Paintings by Sue Steiner

For several months now I have been posting 'daily paintings' on my blog at I confess I don't do a daily painting each day but rather fit them in between commissions and other more involved paintings. A daily painting for me is one defined as being completed in one sitting. The idea is to pack as much as I can into these paintings but because of the self imposed time limit I can not get too 'fussy'. What happens is the brushstrokes become bolder and more efficient and the work is looser and livelier. Thats the idea anyways! I sell my daily paintings at my Art Studio at Second April Art Gallerie or online at my Etsy Shop thru paypal.

Above you will see a few examples of my daily paintings on sale now. I paint horses but also do other animals as well. Some of my work also has an Amish or rural theme since that is representative of where I live.

To see more art by me please stop by my web site at

Thank you!
Sue Steiner
Equine and Animal Artist

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