Monday, October 25, 2010

Gypsies.....I LOVE THEM!!

"The Gypsy"        casein on board                 8 10"
Consider this painting done. Now it needs to dry a few days. Then I will will varnish it. This Gypsy is one I saw on my Kentucky trip last September. She was at Gala Driving Center in Georgetown, KY. where we were given a tour of their wonderful grounds and carriage driving facility. I captured some other shots of this gypsy and also a lovely Irish Draught there.....more inspiration for future works.

A big box sits at our front door waiting for the FedEx driver. Packing and shipping is a time consuming evil when you make your living as an artist. [Or should that read 'try to make a living as an artist' !??]  This  box of paintings is heading to Cazenovia ,New York, where my work will be hanging in the Reisman Hall Art Gallery's invitational show  "Le Cheval". This  exhibit opens Nov.3rd with a reception from 4 - 5:30 pm and it will be there until Dec. 9th .

Life has been exciting heavens... I was picked by Blogger as a BLOG OF NOTE !! I am not sure what the criteria is for receiving such an honor, but it certainly has increased the hits on my blog!! I can't believe it was picked for the world shaking posts I make!! Now I am haunted by the specter of witty dialogue. Appropriate for the season, I being Halloween and all!!    

Which reminds me.....I need candy.  


  1. Shes beautiful! You've done a wonderful job, congratulations.

  2. Thanks Melody...They are wonderful colorful horses! Easy to paint!! ;-)