Saturday, October 30, 2010

Toronto's Royal Winter Fair - Fine Art Showcase 2010!

I haven't been pulling my weight around here! It's been ages since I posted, though I often come by to have a look at the wonderful work my colleagues are producing! I've been inspired to share a bit of news, and hopefully I'll do my bit and post more often!

Last year I was juried into the Royal Winter Fair's Fine Art Showcase with my pencil drawing, "Adjustments." It was a fun experience, and the show was supported with a grant from the Government of Canada "Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage" program, which was quite exciting. This allowed the show to have a demonstration stage, and I was one of the artists asked to paint at the show. I've been attending the Royal since I was quite young - I've lost track how long - so it was neat to be part in this way.

Last week I received word that the painting I submitted for this year's show - "Ground Rules" (above), a 12 x 16 oil - was accepted for inclusion. Thursday I delivered my painting to the Royal offices, accompanied by friend and fellow artist Lise Leblanc whose lovely oil painting "Belle's Buttons and Bows" was also accepted. If you're at the Royal this year, be sure to look for the exhibit. It will be in the Direct Energy Building, Heritage Court, which is an amazing location.

If you'd like to see more of my work (and stories from my farm of crazy TBs) please take a peek at my blog. You can also catch me on Facebook, or get more information on my website.

Linda Shantz

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  1. very nice. You caught the moment and got the "hook".