Monday, November 19, 2007

Introduction and Works in Progress

Hi! My name is Elin Pendleton, and I paint horses! (And other stuff, too.) Here's one of my recent acrylics, done for a lesson to show using acrylics in layers. Sometimes there are just those few brush strokes that need to be added to make a good painting into something better. I spent about an hour extra on "The Quest", the advanced/intermediate lesson painting in the Acrylics Fast and Loose DVD, and those few brush strokes take that painting to a new level. If you'll compare this one with the one on my blog from July 1, you just might notice a wee tad difference.
Today I also worked on the inside front cover ad I submit to Horses in Art magazine. I do these in Photoshop, and wanted especially to include this painting. Double motivation!

Now, those of you with a pocket full of design, take a look at the ad and see if you can spot the underlying structure of the arrow point that goes through all three paintings. Intentionally unifies the whole page... and that cover for the new DVD "just happens" to be bright red....

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  1. Ah! Elin, thank you. Our first poster! Beautiful painting, wish I was there..... Donna