Monday, November 26, 2007


" Tender Love "

Watercolor with 18 kt gold accent

by: Danielle L Sadowski

Welcome to my World,

The first time I met my two horses, a new emotion was born inside of me. I wanted to transmit through my Art the fluidity of the graceful lines of the horses in harmony with the feminine lines of women.
My goal was to accent sensuality. The positions of the women and the horses reflect softness and femininity.
This is my personal vision. I love to play with Color, Form and Brilliance, which is why I use watercolor with 18Kt gold detail for my work.
Our horses help me to discover new concepts about them. I do not have a lot of experience riding horses, but on the ground, I am very good. I spend a lot of time with them just observing. Like a mirror, I move in the same way that they do and we are in the same world. My husband teaches me how to be a part of the herd:

When I close my eyes, I can see a world where horses and women juxtapose and transmit a strong feeling that comes from my imagination. It’s like a beautiful spontaneous dance. Each painting inspires in me a new emotion and makes me happy.
Watercolor Horse Art allows me to expose to the world my vision of Horse Art through my watercolor paintings and provides a new window for people to discover Equine Art.
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“ Le Bonheur est dans la Beauté ”

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