Friday, November 23, 2007

My Love for Horses

My love for horses started at an early age, this being in Germany. My father used to take me to jumping shows, he of course loved horses also, so I guess it rubbed off on me. Photography and art where also instilled in me, dad had two photography studios in Germany, and he always painted, both of my parents where talented artists.

At a young age I drew horses daily, whether scribbling, making a drawing for school or for someone else. I spent many hours at the Golden Gate Riding Academy and the SF Mounted Police Department, wherever there was a horse I was there.

I am mostly self taught in art and have a very different way of painting, and maybe this is why my style is still developing....I would like to create a style that is recognizable with my name.

The artwork that I sell creates money for my favorite organizations and Ministries...I give to spread the Word of God...this is my way of Thanking God for giving me life and talent.
The painting shown, foal and butterfly "gee wish I could fly" is my signature piece, at one time it had been licensed out and products made, however this image on products now can only be purchased through me.

animal art and hobbies by Delia

art by Delia

Miniature ACEO Art by Delia

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