Friday, April 18, 2008

Dreams-working title

This is really taking it from the beginning. This is an image I always liked; it is of a young friend many years ago with our horse, Missy. Missy was an old campaigner-she had taken several young women through 4-H and other competitions, through personal hard times and the horse-crazy years of adolescence. She was a delight to ride and encouraged many young riders with her easy going nature and "push button" controls. We had her in her later years when our children were learning to ride with confidence. She was able to spend her final years with her original owner who had never wanted to part with her in the first place.
This young lady and her friend spent many long hours at our barn- dreaming young girl dreams. (Some of us never outgrow those dreams!)

Stay tuned for the final image or follow progess on my blog:


  1. I love it already! I have a horse like this too and she is a treasure! Can't wait to see more.

  2. This is going to be outstanding, Judy! I love seeing it from the very beginning.

    My horse is also one who has helped many beginning riders find their way, including me. Horses like Missy and Scottie are priceless and deserve to be honored.