Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Driving team

My riding instructor's husband is a keen driver, and every summer in early July, the stable hosts a fairly large combined driving competition that draws horses and drivers from several provinces. I usually try to get out with the camera for some parts of the event, which lasts a couple of days.

There is a very high-end lady with high-end horses who comes in from the Calgary area each year. I always admire her horse trailer, which is pretty classy. Looks like one the Queen would maybe like to buy if it ever comes up for sale.

This photo is a close crop I did of two of the Calgary lady's horses. She always drives warmbloods, and the year I took this shot she had a four-in-hand, which was the first I'd ever seen in real life. It was like something out of another era and very impressive. Of course the weather and lighting were terrible (dark skies and a lot of rain) the one time the four-in-hand was at the competition, so I don't have much in the way of shots of them.

I've done some playing in Photoshop, as is apparent. In real life, these horses were dark bay.

Feel free to email me if you are interested in purchasing this or any other of my art photos. Prices vary according to size and treatment, but the most commonly sold ones are 5"x 7", matted to 8" x 10" which are $22, and 8" x 10" matted to 11" x 14" which are $40, to give an idea of the ballpark. All are printed on matte photo paper with lightfast pigment inks. My email is Thanks as always for looking (and reading).

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