Saturday, April 19, 2008

Humorous Mule Photo by Donna Ridgway

There's nothing like the way a mule can "make your day". The moment my finger snapped this photo, I was excited. It's great to see a mule do this to you in person, but it's even better to have your finger on the trigger and capture the moment.

A mule and a border collie have similar senses of humor. It seems to me, they look at life in the same way. They have a "dry" sense of humor, one you develop an understanding of, when you live with them. They see life as a game, with themselves as the central players. Yet they're so happy to allow you to join in their sport if you so choose.

If you can take their antics with laughter, your life is incredibly enriched.
Donna Ridgway
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  1. The photo is fantastic, but GOSH I want the MULE!! He/ she is an absolute beauty.