Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hitching Post Mural

is almost done! I added the store's sign today. The horses need a lead rope tied to the hitching post and maybe a barn swallow on the sign....and then I'll call it done!

If you've not seen my earlier post this is a life sized mural of a team of Amish Belgian work horses. This time of the year the horses can be seen working in the fields. Its an amazing sight! They are truly impressive animals! This mural is a permanent part of an authentic Amish Buggy Barn at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio. I have painted a whole series of farm animals including cows, sheep, chickens, donkey, mare and foal and buggy horses as indoor and outdoor murals at this location. On July 12 we will have a Lehman's Local Artisan Festival in which I do demonstrations and offer more equine and amish themed art for sale.

To see more of my art, to inquire about commissioned artwork or get more information on the art festival please visit my web site at or e-mail me at

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Sue Steiner

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